Carolyn Pascual White

Founder + Food Stylist

Hi! I’m Carolyn. I’m the founder of The Social Sipper and a professional food stylist. I started The Social Sipper with my hubby Travis, in 2018 as a way to create and share beautiful cocktail creations. Little did I know that it would grow into a lot more than a fun hobby!

We grew The Social Sipper to 6 figures in our first year (with less than 10k followers) using our background in the film industry to create stunning photos and videos. While growing The Social Sipper, working with different brands became one of the highlights of my week.

Now, we’ve captured custom imagery for over 50 food and beverage brands and have learned so much in the process. Seeing how powerful photography was for our business and the brands we worked with, we didn’t want to keep our knowledge to ourselves! We created Bland to On Brand Photography to share our full system so food and beverage businesses and bloggers can take their photos to the next level!

Travis White

Director of Photography

I’m the man behind the camera! A passion for capturing memories on photo and video led me to a career in the film industry. For the last 10+ years, I’ve been working with lighting and camera on large commercials and photoshoots. I’ve been able to travel all over the country and help businesses tell their story using video. Being part of these large productions inspired Carolyn and me to begin capturing more of our lives together, travels and cocktail creations. I made my debut in front of the camera for Bland to On Brand Photography to share my knowledge of camera and lighting.

Annie Trimber

Content & Programming Manager

Hi! I'm Annie! I make sure that things run seamlessly for all our clients, partners and students. I manage sponsored content for The Social Sipper and custom branded photography and video for our clients. When not whipping up gluten-free baked goods and breads in the kitchen and photographing my latest treats, you can find me working on our programs, planning content shoots and refining processes to make things run most efficiently.

Kenzie Verheyen

Social Media Wiz

I’m Kenzie! You can find me behind-the-scenes assisting with social media for The Social Sipper and our clients. I help create engaging copy to create strong connections! Even though I’m new to the food and beverage industry, I love using my creativity to find ways to help the team, whether that’s with recipe ideation, graphic creation, or blog writing. In my free-time, l enjoy traveling and trying different kinds of cuisines!

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